I Dont Know

My teacher told me to express myself soo…


Pics that describe me

imgres copy 2.jpg I chose music because music is something that can calm me down. It also is something that I can dance to.

imgres-2.jpg I chose youtube because youtube is something that I watch everyday. I also chose youtube because I have watched youtube for 7 years.imgres copy.jpg I chose basketball and football because i have played those sports for a long time. I also chose them because I’m good at sportsimages.jpg I chose video games Because i have played them for a long time. They are also really fun to.

imgres-1.jpg I chose Wall-E because it is one of my favorite movies. I also chose it because it is a funny movie.

My New Year

My new year was LIT. My new year was lit because I got to go to my really close friends house. when I went to to my friends house we hung out and played video games the whole time. Therefor my new year was lit.

My Christmas brake was also LIT. My Christmas brake was lit because I got a laptop and a pair of basketball shoes. For christmas I got to hangout with my family.

This christmas I hope

This christmas I hope I get what I asked for. This christmas I asked for a new phone, a laptop and new shoes. The new shoes I asked for were a pair of good basketball shoes, specifically Kyrie Irving two’s. The new laptop I asked for was specifically a macbook. This christmas I also asked for a new phone but I specifically a samsung 7